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Institute Introduction


Institute Introduction

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Zhong Ankang Hospital Logistics and Health Industry Research Institute is a theoretical research institution set up by Zhong Ankang Group. It aims to strengthen the theoretical research of the Group in the field of medical logistics services, health industry, and enterprise long-term strategic development, and build a theoretical internal communication platform for the company. And external academic exchange platform to further enhance the company's core competitiveness and brand influence, and provide continuous power for the company's innovation and development. And strive to make a contribution to the development of China's hospital logistics service industry and the health industry. The main mission and responsibilities of the Institute are:

(1) Adhere to the basics of hospital logistics services, conduct in-depth research on the various professional service modules of the “Hospital Non-Diagnostic Support Support System,” form a systematic management theory and operational standards, continuously promote the group’s standardization work, and strengthen the company’s core competitiveness.

(2) Study the company's corporate culture, business model and development strategy from the perspective of industry trends and empirical analysis, provide long-term intellectual support for the company's leapfrog development, and promote the overall improvement of the group's business management level.

(3) Actively cooperate with the Group's long-term development plan, rely on the medical assistance module to refine professional nursing services, carry out community and institutional pension and health industry research, and provide forward-looking rational guidance for the future development of the company.

(4) Actively carry out employee training and education research, assist the company's training department in carrying out its work, provide professional support for the compilation of teaching materials, training organizations and training teachers, and provide professional and skillful guidance on teaching methods and training processes.

(5) To establish communication bridges between employees of the Group, employees of the Group and experts and scholars in the industry, organize various theoretical research and academic exchanges, and continuously improve the theoretical level and overall quality of the core employees.