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President Profile


President Profile

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    Lin Zhenggang








Born in 1955, Lin Zhenggang received a doctorate of Business Administration and worked as a cleanroom engineer. He served as the executive director of Zhong An Kang Group since 2001 and is currently the president and chairman of the company.





    Social Positions

  • Vice president of the fifth council of Shenzhen Association of Standardization
  • Vice president of Market Economy Research Association
  • Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Property Association
  • The editorial board member of "Chinese hospital logistics management science"
  • Standing committee member of Hospital Building Professional Committee of Guangdong Provincial Hospital Association
  • Committee member of Hospital Property Management Professional Committee of Guangdong Province Property Management Association
  • Member of Shenzhen Professional Committee of Property Management Association
  • Special researcher of Modern Hospital Construction Research Laboratory
  • Expert member of Shenzhen Standardization Association


    Research Achievement


Lin Zhenggang has obtained the certificate of “Contributing Researcher of Concept Study of Modern Hospital Construction”. He has been inviting to attend many professional meetings and forums, including "2002 Academic Conference of Guangdong Province Hospital Association", "2006 Chinese Hospital Management Forum", and "2005 Chinese and Foreign Modern Hospital Construction Forum & 2nd International Forum of Chinese Hospital Construction and Expansion".


His papers are published in the journal of "Theoretical Exploration Case Study of Hospital Core Competitiveness", "Hospital Newspaper", "China's Health Policy", "China Medical Guide" and "China Hospital". One of his theses, Hospital Logistics Service Socialization in "Zhong An Kang Style" is praised by the leaders of professional institutions in China.


Lin Zhenggang took the lead in setting up the enterprise standardization of Chinese hospital logistics services while there was no standard in this field before, and combined the similar enterprises to promote the construction of standardized together in this industry.


In 2009, Lin Zhenggang participated in the compiling committee of Hospital Logistics Management Practical Guide organized by China Hospital Association Logistics Management Committee. In 2010, he was invited to be the editorial board member of Chinese Hospital Management Society Logistics Directory.