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Published monographs


Published monographs

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"Chinese hospital logistics support synergy strategy research"

Author: Lin Zhenggang

Press: Peking University Medical Press

Publication date: 2013-04-01

ISBN: 9787565904981

Format: 16 open

Summary: At present, improving the level of service support for logistics management in Chinese hospitals is an important part of healthcare reform. Based on the actual characteristics of hospital logistics support system operation, this paper applies the theory of enterprise strategic coordination to the research of logistics support in Chinese hospitals, and identifies the synergetic opportunities both inside and outside the hospital logistics support system to analyze in detail and in depth The possible synergies between the hospital logistics market and the hospital logistics support system were discussed. The actual obstacles and the synergetic costs of realizing the synergy were discussed both inside and outside the hospital logistics support system. The game theory was used to analyze the possible cooperative behaviors among the various stakeholders in the hospital logistics market. Using the repeated game theory Analyze the long-term cooperative game between hospital logistics service providers and hospitals, the strategic cooperation game between hospital logistics service providers about price and market entry, and the game equilibrium between hospital logistics service providers and public management agencies. In the above Based on the theoretical analysis, "China Hospital Logistics Support Synergy Strategy Study" to build China's hospital logistics support synergy evaluation theory.



"Hospital integrated property management and service standards"

Author: Lin Zhenggang, Zhao Xiangbiao, Xia Qing

Press: Machinery Industry Press

Publication date: 2013-11-01

ISBN: 9787111441045

Format: 16 open

Introduction: Based on the successful practice of comprehensive and integrated service model of property service brand enterprises in Shenzhen and domestic hospitals, the book editor picks up the essence from the mature management standard system of brand enterprises and divides the book into 13 chapters. Zhang, a comprehensive and comprehensive reflection of the hospital property management and service operations, vertical display of the entire process of hospital property project management.




"Modern Hospital Logistics Service Management Manual"

Internal use Introduction:

Modern hospital logistics service management is a very complicated system engineering. With the development and deepening of China’s institutional reforms, the logistics and socialization of institutions, hospitals, schools, and enterprises and institutions has developed rapidly. The socialization of logistics services is yet another revolution in the division of labor in society. Zhong Ankang Logistics Service Co., Ltd. complies with the historical trend and takes the lead in the traditional field of hospital logistics services with a keen sense of touch and professional experience. It considers hospital logistics service management from a higher level and creates new mechanisms with new concepts. After several years of active practice and exploration, the company established the “Four Close” service management philosophy that closely follows the characteristics of modern hospitals, closely follows the needs of hospitals and customers, closely follows the economic and social benefits of hospitals, and closely follows the development trend of modern medical industry. The “three-in-four, five-in-five,” service management model, as well as effective quality improvement mechanisms such as CBA training certification, planning and implementation of hospital logistics service management, continuous summary in practice, the pursuit of quality and innovation, carved, The brand, with sincerity, pursues perfection and serves the public. The preparation of this manual is to try to summarize and better use these exploration results.


"Hospital Property Management Practice" 

Author: Zhao Xiangbiao, Sun Shuguang

Publisher: Shenzhen Publishing Group, Haitian Press

Publication date:2008-07-01


Format: 16 open

Introduction: "Hospital Property Management Practice" gave a detailed introduction to hospital property management practices. Contents include hospital logistics and property management, hospital property management program planning, hospital property management goals and models, customer service and monitoring, human resources management, staff etiquette standardize the comprehensive management system of medical and auxiliary services. Property management has entered the medical and health institutions to provide logistics support services. It is an exploration and new development model for the socialization reform of hospital logistics services and the professional development of property management. The property management of the hospital is different from the traditional property management model. It has more scope, depth and difficulty than the conventional property management.



"Professional Skills Improvement Manual for Director of Property Management Department"

Author: Zhao Xiangbiao, Liao Xiaobin

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

Publication date:2013-08-01


Format: 16 open

Introduction: The “Professional Skills Promotion Manual for the Director of the Property Management Office” systematically describes the actual operating skills of the Director of the Property Management Office. It is a real estate management tool integrating theory, practicality, and professionalism. It is extremely practical. value. The "Professional Skills Promotion Manual for the Director of the Property Management Department" has set up 10 chapters on the overall operation of the property project, from project planning and implementation of bids for property management projects, to full-process management of projects, regular project management, to customer service, quality management, cost management, Business management, consultancy management, financial management and project excellence have provided management points and basic ideas for all aspects of property project management, and highlighted the practical skills that the directors of each work module management department should master and improve. With the addition of typical cases for reference, it has a positive effect on the overall improvement of the management service level of the Director of the Property Management Department.



"Example of Property Management Operation System (Revised Version)"

Author: Zhao Xiangbiao

Publisher: Haitian Press

Publication date:2006-10-01


Format: 16 open

Introduction: The chapter structure of the “Example of Property Management Operational System (Revised Edition)” basically maintains the original system of the first edition and is still divided into six chapters and seventeen chapters. However, in order to adapt to the needs of the new situation, in the first chapter of the “Job Responsibility System”, the new section 12 “Customer Service Job Responsibilities” was added, and in the third chapter “Company's Internal Daily Management System”, Section 6 “Quality was added. The "management system" added the third section of "Contingency Handling" in Chapter 10 "Security System". In particular, in the section on "emergency handling", the standard operating procedures for emergency handling, plans for the prevention of natural disasters such as typhoons, rainstorms, and thunderstorms, plans for emergency response to destructive earthquakes, plans for handling public health emergencies, and epidemics have been added. The emergency response plan, the handling of political incidents, the prevention of internal and external personnel petitions for contingency plans, the emergency management plan for poisoning incidents at the office management office, and the prevention of suspicious explosives handling of contingency plans and other new systems.



"Modern Hospital Logistics Management Service System Application Manual"

Plan: Lin Zhenggang

Chief Editor: Lin Zhenggang

Executive editor: Xia Qing

Executive Editor: Deng Wenfang Sun Yuxiang Li Hong Jiang Weiguo Xu Ruizhong Chen Xianliang Zhang Xiang

Zou Yuxin Qin Honghong Jian Sanyao Liao Lanying

Editorial Committee: Peng Jie, Qi Xinqiang, Wu Wenyuan, Tao Baoliang, Liu Yuebo, Zhou Yanhua

Responsible editor: Xia Qing

Compiling institutes:Shenzhen Zhong Ankang Logistics Co., Ltd. Introduction: As a company that continuously innovates and develops, management is an eternal theme. Management has evolved from experience management to scientific management and to the era of cultural management in the 21st century. The comprehensive management system document is the basic system of the company's operation and management. It is divided into upper, middle, and lower volumes. It is used by all employees to conscientiously study and master the rules and requirements of the system documents so that the document regulations are implemented in practical work. Peers and people in the industry know about the use of our company.


"Real estate project management management practice series"

Introduction: The “Real Estate Project Operation Management Practice Series” is jointly planned by Shenzhen Institute of Real Estate and Property Management and Guangdong Zhong Ankang Logistics Group Co., Ltd.. This series of books is edited by the chairman of our company, Lin Zhengang, Xia Qing, vice president and Zhao Xiangbiao, assistant to the president. As an associate editor, the series of books introduced four sub-volumes in batches. The first batch of the main formats surrounding commercial properties currently publishes two volumes, “Planning and Operation of Shopping Center Operations and Management” and “Planning and Operation of Office Property Management”. The "Planning and Operation of Management of Residential Properties" and "Planning and Operation of Management of Other Format Properties" were published in the first half of 2016. There are four main points in the preparation of this series of books:

First, the business is clearly defined to ensure that the contents of each volume are rich and individual.

Second, to broaden their horizons, emphasizing the integration of property management and property management, implementing property management at the same time as property management, creating benefits, and promoting the preservation and appreciation of properties.

Third, planning first, focusing on the overall operation and management of various types of project management. Fourth, pay attention to practical operation, emphasize case studies, and increase the value of actual combat guidance.

"Planning and Operation of Shopping Center Operations and Management"

Author: Zhao Xiangbiao

Publishing House: China Building Industry Press

Publication date:2014-09

ISBN: 9787112171743

Open: 787*1092mm 1/16












"Planning and Operation of Office Property Management"

Author: Zhao Xiangbiao

Publishing House: China Building Industry Press

Publication date:2014-10


Open: 787*1092mm 1/16










"Planning and Operation of Management and Management of Residential Property Projects"

Author: Zhao Xiangbiao, Gao Qiang, Kang Yaxi

Publishing House: China Building Industry Press

Publication date:2016-07


Open: 787*1092mm 1/16








"Planning and Operation of Other Special Property Management"

Author: Zhao Xiangbiao, Jiang Lin, Li Maoshun

Publishing House: China Building Industry Press

Publication date:2016-07


Open: 787*1092mm 1/16












 Urban Commercial Complex Planning, Design and Operations Management

 Author: Zhang Wei, Zhao Xiangbiao, Wang Shoujun

 Publishing House: China Architecture & Building Press

 Publication Date: 2018-03

 ISBN: 978-7-112-21550-8

 Format: 787*1092mm 1/16