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Group's backbone staff visit Baoan Maternity&Child Healthcare Hospital


Group's backbone staff visit Baoan Maternity&Child Healthcare Hospital

Editor: Chloe Chen




To study the control experience from the key projects and understand the administrative situation,ZAK Group organizes the core staff to visit Shenzhen Baoan Maternity&Child Healthcare Hospital, learning from each other.


ZAK Group has made a good performance in 2017. The company decides to convene an annual conference for 2017 on 30 and 31 January, 2018, making a plan for 2018. The day before the conference, staff members from HQ go to visit Baoan Maternity&Child Healthcare Hospital, one of ZAK's projects, visit the new company office in Jianan · Shanhai Centre, and visit the Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park.


37 staff go to the hospital from Shenzhen Silver Lake Resort Hotel on the 29th. Everyone learns to sing the company song Love&Dream. 


staff memebers take a group photo in the Baoan Maternity&Child Healthcare Hospital


Baoan Maternity&Child Healthcare Hospital is the first hospital in Shenzhen which unifies informatization, intelligence, humanities and individuation. The project in Shenzhen Baoan Maternity&Child Healthcare Hospital has started from 2006, adhereing to company philosophy and following the development. The management office of the project has pass quality, environmental, and health management system with 5S workplace organization methodology.


The hospital takes the lead in starting "Bookstore in Hospital" activity, gathering around 70,000 books in its Love Bookstore, which allows patients to have fun and enjoy their time when they are in the hospital. 



After visiting the hospital, staff members go to visit the new office of ZAK Group. The address is 27/F, Janna · Shanhai Centre, No.8000 Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen. The new office faces to the sea, overlooks Hong Kong and is near Shenzhen International Garden and Flower Expo Park, which is really a good fortune place.