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10 standards for ZAK Restaurant Company to do the best


10 standards for ZAK Restaurant Company to do the best

Editor:Chen Qinyi



1. President Lin's order should be serve as the guide, "benefits are the goal, innovation management is the method". Under the guidance of the group leadership, ZAK Restaurant focuses on our customers, attempting to meet customer demand. We fully implement the service concept of Zhong An Kang, boosting customer satisfaction, reinforcing the company brand value.


2. After the Group Headquarter moved into a new workplace, the catering company also has an improvement in facilities. which helps the company in business development and gives a platform to communication.      


3. While insuring our 15 catering projects are functioning normally, ZAK insists the concept that "One hand focuses on management, the other hand focuses on exploitation", expanding the market in catering field.


4. Focus on brand building and achieve "four-unity": wearing the same work clothes with Zhong An Kang logo; using the tableware with Zhong An Kang logo; set up a central kitchen to make sure a unified process.


5. Construct company cultural atmosphere. Hold a learning presentation about "I am pround of being a ZAK people" in catering system, using the spare time to organize all staff to learn about ZAK concept. Improve their consciousness to cherish ZAK honor and maintain ZAK image together.


6. By holding some important activities of ZAK's service object, ZAK provides the first-rate service while publicising ZAK culture. Many partner hospitals are full of praise for ZAK Catering Company.


7. ZAK Catering Company tries to be the leader in this field, showing our strengths and our image. In 2017, ZAK Catering Company joined in Shenzhen Food and Culture Promotion Association, as the vice chairman company and won three national honor certificate. On the same time, the company organized professional staff to take part in the Guangdong Technician Competition. Ouyang Xiaodong, Liu Jianya, Lu Zhifeng, Wei Weiheng, Wang Wei and Wang Jianxun received the award.


8. Request innovative management, keep the standard and make sure the security. ZAK Catering Company follows the policy of the headquarter, focuseds on the cultivation. Firstly, catering company workes with famous schools and famous enterprises, hiring famous professors to teach our staff. Second, the company sets up evening schools and training institudes to increase professional talents. Third, the company works with well-know places and beautiful sites to improve the food quality and research for new dishes. 


9. To reply to the new policy, ZAK Caterting Company starts using a new system to increase efficiency and decrease expenditure. The company carries out a hospital food order platform for two years. This success proves the function and value of modern system and is following the order of Yihua Group to use efficient working system.


10. Searching for new business mode. While improving the business efficency, ZAK Catering Company strengthens the construction of standardization.