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ZAK Group releases new company song Love and Dream


ZAK Group releases new company song Love and Dream

Editor:Chloe Chen


Chorus sing the company song in annual meeting.


The "Love and Dream" is Zhong An Kang (ZAK) Group's new company song. Its lyrics were composed by Peng Jie and the music was by Luo Fuxiang. "Love and Dream" releases as a new year gift for ZAK people on January 2018, every sections of ZAK were singing this song in their annual meetings.


Peng Jie is a senior staff of ZAK Group and had produced a song named "Song of Zhong An Kang". This lyrics eulogized ZAK people with the spirit of Innovation and Exploration during the period of reform and opening-up. It helped the start of  cultural development of ZAK Group. Peng Jie and ZAK Group also invite National A Stage Actor Luo Fuxiang to set the music for ZAK new company song, and he is also the lead singer who teaches ZAK staff to sing the song.


Luo Fuxiang discusses the new song with company president Lin Zhenggang.


Under the care and support of Group president Lin Zhenggang, to adapt the development demands of new situation and  promote ZAK culture, Peng Jie writes a new lyrics "Love and Dream" . The lyrics combine the Group's Logo, Concept, Value and Culture, talking about that how beautiful the environment is and how wonderful our future is. It believes that if ZAK staff work together, we can make our dream come true.



Group leaders and staff are learning to sing Love and Dream.



Company song's lyrics.