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Liu Shaoxi attended the reception of investment talks between China&Gabon and delivered a speech


Liu Shaoxi attended the reception of investment talks between China&Gabon and delivered a speech

Reprinted from yihua website

On September 2, on the eve of the opening of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, Liu Shaoxi, Vice-President of the China International Chamber of Commerce, President of the China-Gabon Business Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yihua Group, attended the China-Gabon Investment Fair hosted by the Gabonese Republic in Beijing, at the invitation of Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic. For the only representative of Chinese enterprises to speak on the stage.

President Liu Shaoxi delivered a speech at China&Gabon investment conference reception

        In his speech, Liu Shaoxi first warmly welcomed President Bongo's visit to China again, then recalled the three visits to Gabon by President Bongo when he led a delegation of entrepreneurs from the Chinese International Chamber of Commerce, and expressed his deep gratitude to President Bongo and the Gabonese government for their strong support for the investment of the Yihua Group in Gabon.

Subsequently, Liu Shaoxi introduced that Yihua invested in Gabon in 2012, involving many fields, such as forestry, processing and manufacturing industry, real estate industry, and so on. Over the past six years, Yihua has deeply felt the importance attached by President Bongo and the Gabonese government to Chinese enterprises. It has also seen that the Gabonese government has formulated a series of preferential policies to continuously improve the investment environment. He said that Yihua will continue to increase investment in Gabon and participate in the diversification of Gabon in new areas such as tourism real estate development, scenic spot construction, industrial parks and so on.

Liu Shaoxi pointed out that the "one belt and one road" advocated by President Xi Jinping is a great blueprint never seen in human history, and a global cooperation initiative, which has been actively responded by entrepreneurs in China and Gabon. At present, China continues to maintain Gabon's status as the largest trading partner, and the continuous development of Sino-Gabonese relations has created a more favorable environment and platform for cooperation between enterprises of the two countries. He believes that the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held this year will promote closer pragmatic cooperation between the Chinese and Gabon’s business communities by conducting extensive exchanges around the theme of "win-win cooperation and building a closer community of destinies in Central Africa".

In addition, Liu Shaoxi said that, as the chairman of the China- Gabon Business Council of the China International Chamber of Commerce, he would like to provide relevant assistance to Chinese entrepreneurs who are investing in Gabon and hope that more Chinese enterprises from different industries will invest in Gabon in the future to achieve win-win cooperation.

At the end of his speech, Liu Shaoxi wished that through President Bongo's visit to China, China and Gabon could establish effective and multi-field practical cooperation, and the friendship between the two countries will become increasingly popular and continue to develop.

The chairman of Yihua Life, Liu Zhuang Chao, was also invited to attend the event and had a warm exchange with politicians and businessmen from both countries. 

Gabon president Bongo had a cordial conversation with President Liu Shaoxi

Hu Changchun, Ambassador of China to Gabon, warmly exchanges with President Liu Shaoxi

Liu Shaoxi, chairman of Yihua group board, and Imongo, Minister of foreign affairs and state affairs of Gabon, take a group photo