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Product name

Escort Service

Product description

(A) the scope of services

1, take care of the patient's daily life, good basic care;

2, responsible for the observation of the disease, found that abnormal and timely reports;

3, for medical guidance, observation of adverse reactions;

4, good psychological care, timely communication with the patient;

5, dietary guidance to promote disease recovery;

6, functional training, rehabilitation guidance.

(B) professional accompanying service requirements

1, Professional entourage should be a medical college graduates, engaged in ordinary accompanyants must be in good health and have some experience in nursing;

2, Management staff have more than three years above the hospital nursing management experience and medical professional mid-level and above titles;

3, To carry out one-on-one care, fees and standards, and public pricing;

4, Companionship work to achieve standardized management, in line with medical and patient services needs of their families, attitude and quality of service satisfaction;

5, According to the nurse to do a good job patient safety precautions.

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