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Product name

Delivery Service

Product description

(A) the scope of services

1.  Is responsible for the collection and transportation of all types of specimens (routine, urgent, flat), release results report.

2. To be accompanied by patient examination and treatment (Class I, bedridden, seriously ill, unable to take care of themselves, mobility problems, etc.).

3. responsible for the delivery of various medical instruments.

4. Responsible for the collection and transportation of disinfection items in all departments.

5. Responsible for sending some sections of conventional medicine.

6. Responsible for blood and blood bags recovery.

7. Responsible for sending all kinds of large hospital infusion.

8. Responsible for receiving and sending medical records review.

9. Responsible for sending small medical equipment repair.

10. Responsible for sending a variety of medical supplies (General Services, equipment library).

11. Responsible for the transfer of surgical patients.

(B) service requirements

1. Employees to secondary medical school graduates as the main body;

2. Services must meet the medical service requirements;

3. Equipped with managers with nursing titles;

4. Due to mismanagement, service irregularities caused by service disputes and quality incidents or other events arising therefrom, the company assumes full responsibility.

5. Must be equipped with modern communication tools and dispatch equipment.

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