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Product name

Medical Service

Product description

(A) work content

1. Image Service: enthusiasm, initiative, smile, make the patient feel warm, guide the patient, reasonable arrangements for the patient registration, treatment, inspection, shorten waiting time.

2. To maintain the order of treatment: diverting, counseling, advocacy, and create an orderly treatment of the environment.

3. Rehabilitation counseling services: Q & A, never get tired, enhance patient confidence in the hospital, and enhance the confidence of the treatment of disease.

4. To facilitate the patient: emergency patients to emergency department, for the elderly, mobility to provide free wheelchairs and companionship attendance fees.

(B) Precautions

1. Pay attention to regulate grooming, talkative behavior.

2. To guide the patient to be accurate.

3. Urgent, dangerous and serious patients (usually with a lathe or stretcher sent emergency patients), to be immediately sent to the emergency department.

4. Encounter special cases to promptly ask the door to do or related departments, good coordination.

5. Pay attention to solve problems for the patient.

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