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Hospital Engineering



Product name

Hospital Engineering

Product description

Well-being of the medical engineering company has a group of biomedical engineering, hospitals and power engineering experts and design, construction, services, professional team, with many years engaged in hospital construction, power engineering construction experience, understanding of hospital construction and power supply engineering The characteristics and requirements of the medical profession, from design, installation to maintenance services, to provide a comprehensive hospital for the overall solution, the implementation of the "turnkey project."

A. Clean engineering (laminar flow purification)

Hospital Operating Room, ICU, CCU, Delivery Room, NICU, Center Supply Room, Venous Deployment Center, DSA and other laboratories

B. Medical Gas Engineering 

Seven gas. Medical gas system engineering equipment and terminal facilities

C. X-ray protection project

CT, DR, MIR, nuclear medicine, linear accelerator and so on

D. Hospital intelligence

Digital operating room. Remote consultation, intercom call, public address and background music system, cable television system, computer network system, LED large screen display queuing system, electronic conference and teaching system

E. Heat, air conditioning works to drainage

Central air conditioning, VAV air conditioning, local air conditioning system. Hospital sewage treatment system.

F. Special project

Pharmaceutical companies, preparation centers, GMP certification, genetic engineering, airport and border inspection and quarantine channels, P3 laboratories, etc., prevention of infectious diseases laboratory.

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