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Operations Management



Product name

Operations Management

Product description


1. Direct mode

 To ensure the quality of the operation and management of the stores, it is possible to meet the needs of the hospital and consumers to the maximum extent possible

2. Headquarters platform management + branch special management

 The headquarters provide integrated platform services and team support, supply of goods, logistics and distribution, event planning and information system support, under the store manager responsible for implementing the overall responsibility for the operation of the store, and served as a bridge between the company and the hospital in a timely manner Hospital and consumer needs, information feedback to the headquarters.

3. Powerful operating system

 ESHOP5 System Support, Operating Data, Tracking and Analytics, Discovering Problems and Trends in Operations, Guiding Shops

4. Buffet pay, multi-way payment

 Eliminate queuing problems, only for your hospital life more freely!

5. Orange help gang, hospital distribution

6. Health care member services

 Preferential prices

 Personalized needs and preferences

 Your caring life assistant

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