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Comprehensive Logistics Support



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Comprehensive Logistics Support

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Public health logistics group known as the Chinese hospital logistics management professional institutions, all-round integration of hospital logistics services management, the main services provided a total of seven major categories of more than 100 types of jobs, basic coverage of all hospital logistics work content.

1, property management services: housing repair and maintenance, operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment, hospital fire safety, hospital security, hospital internal control system, vehicle management, disinfection and cleaning, garbage disposal, pest disinfection, landscaping

2, medical equipment and professional services: operating room, ICU, oxygen center, positive and negative pressure equipment operation and maintenance.

3, medical auxiliary services: medical doctors, care workers, medical delivery, patient support, medical washes washing, reception reception services.

4, catering services: patient nutrition catering, staff dining, reception catering.

5, material distribution: medical equipment, materials procurement and distribution, medical equipment and general warehouse management.

6, Business Services: Hospital Culture Bookstore, Cafe, Man Printing, Hospital Convenience Retail, Flower Services

7, special services: conference room, administrative offices, guest houses, sports venues management.

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