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The logo of Zhong An Kang Group is evolved from a Chinese character "Zhong (众)" ("All"), which has many symbols. It symbolizes the bright rainbow, harmonious families, the Yellow river that unites us all, and a flag which can be functioned as a bridge linking hearts. Standard yellow, green and blue are three colors of the logo, which respectively symbolize our company’s spirit and pursuit of being auspicious, healthy and progressive. The overlapping of the three colors reflects our strategic ideas, the enterprise spirit, and the competition strategy. And it still shows people the unity, friendliness and progress of our company.



Company Vision

Being wholeheartedly committed to the hospital logistics management services and to be industry leaders.

Strategy Goals

To build a non medical support guarantee system and to create an international name brand enterprise.

Company Mission

Providing good quality service for society

Building a career platform for employees

Condensing the strength of sustainable development for enterprises

Repaying shareholders and the society

Core Values

Listening to the customers’needs and providing intimate service

Implementing strict management and providing fine service

Being honest and faithful andrealizing harmony and mutual aid

Being honest and faithful andrealizing harmony and mutual aid

Social Responsibility

We adhere to the moral standards of public welfare society, and the logistics management services we provide must pursue and guarantee the benefit of the government, the public and the community.

Corporate Style

Combining theory and realization

Combining innovation and reality

Combining innovation and reality

Combining efficiency and preciseness

Competitive Strategy

We rely on the advanced culture of the enterprise to accumulate the high quality resources of the enterprise. We use the enterprise science mechanism, focus on the core business of the enterprise, and adhere to the integration of all directional integrated management and item by item development, to make the best products and then to make our company bigger and more competitive.

Core Objectives

Focusing on quality and innovation, making each item entrusted by customers be with characteristic, benefits and high quality.

“Four Clingings” Management Principle

Clinging to the characteristics of modern hospital

Clinging to the needs of modern hospitals and patients

Clinging to the economic and social benefits of modern hospitals

Clinging to the development trend of modern medical and health industry

Five Service Positioning

Marketization of service management  

Integration of service functions

Humanization of service style

Realization of star standard service  

Realization of strict service management

Business Concept

Realizing professional, standardized, large-scale operation

Providing all-round, high-quality and high efficiency services