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Yihua Group

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Abbreviated as Yihua Health and with its stock code of 000150, Yihua Health Medical Co., Ltd., is a listed company of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the main board of the medical and health industry. Yihua Health adheres to the new concept of development and the business scope covers hospital investment and management, medical logistics services, medical professional engineering, research and development and manufacture of medical devices, internet medical services, middle and high-end pension services and nursing, etc. This forms the core of the two major development of medical services and pension services, focusing on the layout of private general hospitals and high-end pension communities to build a listed company with a complete health industry ecological chain in China's capital market.

At present, Yihua Health owns four wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries and three participating subsidiaries, 60 hospitals and 8 cooperative cancer centers, and has 30,000 medical and nursing beds. The group manages 25 hospitals, with 10,000 medical and nursing beds. It still has 20 high-end retirement communities and 9,000 retirement apartments. Group subsidiaries include Zhong An Kang Logistics Group Company, which has undertaken more than 100 large and medium-sized hospital construction in the country and provides 160 hospitals with non-medical services and consumables supply, Tatsu Selekang Medical Investment Management Company, which is in a leading position in the field of tumor gamma knife technology and its hospital beds are superior in private enterprises in the country, Cherish-Yearn, which explores a new model of the old age with the support of the membership system and the integration of the elderly, the community and the institutions for the aged, and Bioland, which is a medical equipment product and service integrator, focusing on professional production of mobile medical equipment and management of slow disease.

Yihua actively develops the characteristic healthy small town. It plans to invest many projects including "Kang Yangcheng" project in Shandong with an investment of 15 billion yuan and an area of 5000 acres, “Nanchong City (Langzhong) Yihua International Leisure Resort” project in Sichuan with an investment of 12 billion yuan and an area of 3500 acres, and “Yihua Health Town” project in Dazhou, Sichuan with an investment of 3 billion yuan. These will create a "Kang Yang +" innovation model with Yihua characteristics, promote the development of industrial integration, and vigorously cultivate new formats and new kinetic energy. Yihua also aims to build high-end health care institutions.

Yihua Group invested more than 7 billion yuan to build Shantou Yihua Medical and Health City in Shantou Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Cooperation Experimental Zone. Additionally, Yihua has built a high-end comprehensive hospital, which integrates medical treatment, preventive health care, rehabilitation, teaching and clinical research - Shantou Yihua Overseas Chinese Hospital. This hospital will rely on proton heavy ion therapy equipment as the basis to build an international medical and recuperative headquarter enterprise which is based in eastern Guangdong, facing overseas Chinese and covering Southeast Asia.