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Company Employment Advantages


1. 6.5 working hours per day, 5/6 workdays in weekly rotation. The transportation is convenient here.

2, joining the labor contract signed, paid induction training, after the transfer is a five-insurance!

3, a market-competitive remuneration system, efforts to research a subsidy, hard work reward, year-end bonuses indispensable!

4, the perfect and clear career development and promotion channels, a variety of professional training to help you embark on the pinnacle of life, to achieve self-worth!

5, paid holidays (statutory holidays, weddings, etc.), the longer the Secretary Ling longer leave!

6, lunch subsidies, 8 yuan buffet, eight dishes and one soup, choose your own canteen, safe and secure!

7, from time to time held various activities (such as annual meeting, union activities, etc.)!

8, listed companies, large platform, good development!


Public health group recruitment positions

5 project management cadres job requirements:

1, college and above;

2, accounting, financial management, human resources management, business management and other related professional graduates;

3, 2 years relevant management experience;

4, be able to skillfully use office software;

5, have strong communication skills.

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for the project management;

2, responsible for the work of the project departments and work guidance;

3, timely with the headquarters of the Group's work arrangements and the completion of the group headquarters issued by the indicators;

4, strictly implement the group headquarters of the management system and rules;

5. To coordinate all kinds of internal and external relations and maintain good communication with employees, the headquarters of the Group and various departments of the hospital to improve the quality of work and work efficiency and customer satisfaction;

6, Be responsible for the reasonable control of the budgetary expenditures of the projects under the jurisdiction;

7, to complete the other tasks led by superiors.


Personnel Specialist 2 people

Job Requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. Graduation of human resources management or more than 1 year of personnel-related work experience;

3, able to skillfully use office office software;

4, with human resources related certificates first.


Job responsibilities:

1, Responsible for recruitment, entry and exit procedures;

2, Statistics and verification of employee attendance and accounting of employee wages;

3, Apply for social security provident fund timely and monthly;

4, establish and manage employee files.

Finance Specialist 2

Job requirements:

1 College degree or above;

2, accounting, financial management and other related professional graduation;

3, more than 1 year relevant work experience;

4, be able to skillfully use office office software and related financial software;

5, with accounting qualification certificate.

Job responsibilities:

1Responsible for the custody, cashier and record of project cash, bills and bank deposits;

2Responsible for handling bank account related business, handle payment collection and payment business according to regulations;

3Responsible for the daily accounting treatment and fixed asset management of the project;

Engineering Cost Engineer 2

Job requirements:

1, College degree or above, engineering cost or related major;

2, Familiar with the management regulations for the project cost, proficient in the theoretical knowledge of the professional, familiar with the engineering drawings, master the project budget quota and relevant policy regulations;

3, Familiar with the use of office and engineering pricing software;

Job responsibilities:

1, Preparation of project budgets, settlements, and bid invitations for construction projects, review of bid prices;

2, Project cost control at each stage of the construction project;

3, Engineering change and contract price adjustment calculation;

4, Assist in the establishment of a reasonable system for improving and improving quotation, and establish a corresponding implementation system.


Medical engineering materials procurement staff 2 people

Job requirements:

1, Have more than 1 year experience in purchasing work, and working experience in a medical engineering company is preferred.

2, familiar with the manufacturing process and material process;

3, have supplier audit and quality management experience;

4, Good verbal and written skills;

5, able to manage different suppliers.

Job responsibilities:

1, Responsible for the procurement of engineering materials for the company's new projects.

2, Familiar with and understand the project construction drawings, design requirements, material descriptions and project budgets, and assist the leaders to complete the procurement and supply plans according to the specific requirements for project construction.

3, According to the project progress requirements, according to the brand, specifications, quantity and time requirements of the project procurement plan in a timely manner to organize all types of construction materials, equipment and facilities approach to meet the needs of the construction site.

4, The procurement of good construction materials quality, in accordance with national standards, construction drawings, project requirements purchase construction materials, put an end to non-qualified materials approach.


Medical equipment supplies sales staff 2 people

Job requirements:

1, College degree or above, major in medicine, medicine, and marketing;

2, Have two years or more sales experience in hospital-related equipment;

3, with a keen market insight, adaptability;

4, There are priority considerations for related areas and related hospital resources.

Job responsibilities:

1, Responsible for the sales management of company medical equipment supplies;

2, Development and management of key customers and completion of annual sales tasks;

3, Responsible for company customer maintenance, maintain daily communication with customers, tap customer needs, and open up new business opportunities;

4, Analyze customer needs and provide sales consulting and services for customers;

5, Accomplish the inspection of related projects.


Project Developer (Bidding) 2 people

Job requirements:

1, Bachelor degree or above;

2, with project development and bidding related work experience;

3, able to skillfully use office office software;

4, Familiar with bidding policies and procedures, good language skills, communication and negotiation skills, negotiation skills, and active work.


Job responsibilities:

1, Responsible for the collection and management of bidding information;

2, Responsible for the bidding documents of the project, the preparation and production of the bids, the review and the participation of the corresponding bidding work;

3, responsible for the company's new project development work;

4, Promote the company's service content and industry advantages to customers and maintain customer relationships.


Company Address: 27th Floor, Jian'an Shanhai Center, No. 8000 Shennan Avenue, Futian District