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Expert team


Expert team

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Principal Investigator --- Lin Zhenggang

Origin Guangdong, the current chairman and president of the public health Anyang Logistics Group Co., Ltd. of Guangdong. In the 1980s, he participated in the construction of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and in 2000 began to focus on the practical and theoretical research on the logistical support of Chinese hospitals. He used innovative ideas, closely linked to the concept of logistics in modern hospitals, took the initiative to work with clinical services, medical engineering and the humanities environment, and worked out a set of management models with theory and practice combined with the socialization of modern hospital logistics services. He led the team to successfully build a fully integrated logistics service model at Peking University Shenzhen Hospital and explored "public health and well-being mode" of socialized logistics service in hospitals. He has provided logistics service management to more than 70 hospitals across the country. In recent years, he has deeply researched and completed the book Study on Synergy Strategy of Logistics Support in Chinese Hospitals, and organized the company team to participate in the preparation of the "Evaluation Criteria for Hospital Logistics Support" chaired by the former Ministry of Health and the Logistics Professional Committee of the Chinese Hospital Association.

Senior researcher, director --- Zhao Xiangbiao

Hospital property management experts and training experts, the incumbent Guangdong Zhong An Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Assistant President, director of the Institute, the national registered property management division, Shenzhen property management bidding experts, evaluation experts, Shenzhen Municipal Government Procurement (Property Management) Review expert. In recent years, he has been committed to the theoretical research and practice exploration of hospital property management. In 2008, he published the first "hospital property management practice" in China and participated in the compilation and review of local standards for property management in hospitals in Shenzhen and Hubei Province. Many domestic enterprises engaged in hospital logistics property services to provide specialized advice and professional training.

Senior researcher --- Xia Qing

IncumbentGuangdong Public Health Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Vice President, Shenzhen Municipal Government procurement evaluation experts. Southwest Jiaotong University master's degree, a senior economist, international lean property management CEO. Into the property industry in 2000, in charge of well-being of corporate standardization company, has participated in public health company hospital logistics service "enterprise standards", the former Ministry of Health and the China Hospital Association "hospital logistics support evaluation standards" and so on the preparation work. The paper "Hospital logistics service quality index system," "hospital logistics service quality and evaluation methods" was selected into the China Hospital Association Logistics Professional Symposium Papers compilation.


Group Researcher

1.Medical logistics researcher


Lin Zhenggang Deng Yuguang Zhao Xiangbiao Xia Qing Peng Jie
Zhu Hua Yang Lijin Li Wei Jiang Weiguo Shi Hongling
He Maoqing Ji Jiyou Zhang Jinchang
Zou Xinxin
Wu Naiwu
Li Yongli Zhang Shuiyou Huang Ming Chen Yi He Zhi
Yang Bin Zheng Zongping      

2. Health Industry Researcher
Lin Zhenggang    Zhao Xiangbiao    Gan Dexian
3. Assistant Researcher
Zhang Zhiping Zhang Wei Hu Meili Zhou Panke Mai Qiqi
Chen Liyuan Xiao Fenghui  Liu Kaisheng Ke Junfang Liu Xinjian
Li Xueqiong Li Xueqiong Chen Yiting Su Longyuan
Cao Weibin
Yang Donglin Hou Hongbin Zhang Yanzhang Zhang Jie
Chen Qinyi
Shao Jing Chen Guangang      


Visiting Researcher

1. Medical logistics professional researcher


Liu Xiaoqin President of China Hospital Logistics Association
Li Yijie Vice President and Professor of Shandong Tai'an Health College
Hu Xiuli Professor and Professor, Tai'an Medical College, Shandong
Xiao Wanchao Ph.D., Director, Economic Management Office, Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Yang Binghuang Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Tongji Property Management Co., Ltd., registered property manager, hospital logistics management expert
Shao Qinghui Executive deputy general manager of Shandong Mingde Property Management Co., Ltd., hospital logistics management expert
Sun Aikun A well-known quality management scientist, National Registration Quality, Environment, Occupational Health, Food Safety, Energy Management System senior auditor. Currently a senior project manager of Wantai Certified Organization, Shenzhen Market Quality Management System Experts, Shenzhen famous brand selection experts.
Zhu Yong Assistant to the general manager of Shanghai Yizhong Haotai Property Co., Ltd. and a postdoctoral student in reproductive specialty.
Ma Jun General Manager of Shanghai Yizhong Haotai Property Co., Ltd., hospital logistics and health care expert.
Fan Guozhang Director of the Standardization Office of Wuhan Tongji Property Co., Ltd. and an expert in hospital logistics standardization management.
Yi Delin Longcheng Property Vice President, Hospital Logistics Management Expert
Zhong Jian Vice President of Minghao Property, Hospital Logistics Management Expert
Zhang Linhua President of Beijing Smart Real Estate Company, Hospital Logistics Management Specialist


2. Researcher of Health Care Industry


Yu Shaoyuan Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Zhiping Management Co., Ltd., expert in property management, health pension theory
Xia Weide Director-General, Shenzhen Hua Ling Senior Service Center, community pension service practitioners
Li Zhijian General Manager, Great Wall Property Group, Jiaying Home Care Services
Liu Changbing Director of Shenzhen Wanxia Real Estate Office, Expert on Healthy Endowment Theory
Luo Zhuoxiong Director, Social Welfare Center of Luohu District, Community Pension Expert
Zhang Yue Now he is a senior auditor of Shenzhen Wantai Certification Co., Ltd. ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000 National Registered Senior Auditor, Shenzhen Famous Brand Review Expert, Shenzhen Certification Inspection Expert, Standards Certification Alliance Expert Committee Expert.