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Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

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Gratitude & Devotion, Repay Society



Gratitude and awarding is an important part of the core values of Zhong An Kang Group. With the development of the company and the promotion of the sense of social responsibility, the Group puts the social responsibility on the strategic management level, which will help the company to further establish a good public image and promote the continuous and healthy development of the company.


As a famous "Love Enterprise" in the hospital logistics service, ZAK responds actively to the charity activities initiated by various charities, such as organizing donations to the disaster areas, helping poor students, and having voluntary blood donation. The senior staff of the company set an example, leading young employees to do for the charity by starting from the perspective of the enterprise, and appeal to the social groups for their support and attention. ZAK insists on repaying to the society and country by taking practical action.


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